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This issue of Just Between Magazine highlights lessons for Christian women on The Essentials for Life. Other key article topics include: living as a passionate woman, and surrendering to God's plan even when it hurts. 

Below is an excerpt from one of the featured articles "Life Lessons" by Jill Briscoe:

Not long ago I was invited to address a conference on the subject of “Life Lessons.” It wasn’t the first time I was asked to talk about things I would do differently if I had another chance, or the regrets of a “long” life, or other such subjects. There seems to be a pattern emerging!

I made myself a cup of tea (which is what English people do in times of crisis) and, sitting in my rocking chair, reflected it could well be something to do with the fact that I am looking through the windows of my seventy-first year. I dismissed the thought as irrelevant to the question at hand, and got to work on a top five list. Let me share them with you.

1.  Self Worth

However old you are, you are worth as much to God as you were worth when you were young! One of my life lessons is the older you get, the more you live in denial concerning your age. You never think you are old, though apparently everyone else does! I thought about the time in the not too distant past when I slipped on ice, knocked myself out, and came to hearing a young man on a cell phone calling the ambulance and saying, “An elderly woman has just fallen in the parking lot!” I thought, “Isn’t that amazing! Another woman has just fallen at exactly the same time I did!”

I suppose I am learning that this is okay. It means I am still dreaming! There are still mountains I want to climb and rivers in flood I want to cross just for Him. Like Caleb at the young age of 80, I find myself saying, “Give me this mountain.”

See what I mean? Gifts don’t age, and a heart for the Lord can be ever young. And my grand and consuming dream – to get a little bit of my lost world to love Him whom I love to distraction – allows me to live in happy denial of my physical weaknesses and spurs me on to higher planes.

God thinks I am worth employing in His kingdom to the end of the race.

2.  Worship

The best thing I can do for my world is know God in such a way others will look at my life and want to know Him, too. Personal metamorphosis happens in personal worship. I try to ask myself daily, “Have I been in the throne room? Have I heard the seraph sing? Have I said, ‘Woe is me’?” That practiced “gaze of the soul” will stop me saying, “Wow is me!” God can’t use a person who “thinks more highly of himself than he ought to think” – that is a life lesson!

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