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JBU Summer 2010

This issue of Just Between Magazine addresses the importance of Trusting God Through Troubles. Other key article topics include: redeeming your loss and pain, and how to respond when the needy one is you.  

Below is an excerpt from one of the featured articles "Trusting Through Trouble" by Jill Briscoe:

As we begin to accept that storms happen and as we meet adversity, we are faced with another choice. In what spirit will we accept these dark, difficult days? We can grit our teeth and hunker down to wait out the storm with something akin to fatalism, or we can begin to trust God to bring something good out of a bad situation. Elisabeth Elliot calls this latter approach “a trust that becomes a springboard for action.” She delineates a difference between resignation and acceptance – and there is a difference. What is more, Elisabeth Elliot should know! ....

Elisabeth chose to trust God to do something positive with the negatives. And she decided to be part of the action. She and her young daughter and Rachel Saint (Nate Saint’s sister) bravely set off into the jungle and found the tribe that had killed Nate and Jim. The women were well received and allowed to make their home among the Indians. After the Bible was translated and the Gospel shared, many in the tribe turned to Christ. Later, Nate and Marge Saint’s daughter, Kathie, was baptized in the river where her daddy had died. Truly God used that particular situation in a redemptive way.

Trusting God brings a certain element of hope to our hearts – that there is something redeemable in the most awful situation. This trust is a tenacious, spiritual insistence that God is in control and already taking eternal measures to work out his ultimate purposes. What are we supposed to trust God to do for us? To right the wrong? To reverse a disease? To bring our loved ones back from the dead, or an unfaithful spouse home again? Sometimes God does the unbelievable, but other times He doesn’t. There are, however, certain things we can bank on His doing.

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