Christian Women's Magazine - Waiting on God

JBU Winter 2016 Cover

This issue of Just Between Magazine highlights advice for Christian women on finding peace and hope while Waiting on God. Other key article topics include: finding beautiful in hardship and living a courageous faith.  

Below is an excerpt from one of the featured articles "When God Has You Waiting" by Eda Esilaba:

I come from Kenya where, culturally, events and the people are more important than when it happens or if it's on time.  If you made me wait, then you didn't respect me or value our relationship. But the reality is that waiting is part of life, regardless of the culture, and is a big part of our faith.

Hebrews 11:1 says, "Now faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." Hebrews 11 has often been referred to as the Hall of Faith.  Waiting, then, is an expression of our faith.  It is, in fact, faith in action.

The Hebrews 11 passage lists men and women who acted in faith and then waited for God to come through. It talks about Abraham and Sarah who are given a promise regarding their seed, and yet they were too old to be thinking about having children. Following this promise they had to wait another 25 years before God actually gives them a son. The children of Israel are promised the "Promised Land" and have to wait a generation to walk into it...oh, wait, sorry, fight for it. Christendom is promised the return of Christ and heaven - it's been over 2,000 years and we are still waiting.

Waiting for Visas

In June 2014, my husband, Albo, got a call from the leadership in a church asking about the possibility of him coming to work in the U.S. God had already been speaking to me. I had sensed that a shift was coming and had begun to prepare, even if I hand't known what it was.

The intense transition began for my husband to leave the church he had planted, and grown from 80 to close to 800 people in just three years. We needed to say goodbye to dear friends and family. Then there was the "minor issue" of our paperwork and so the wait began. At first it was fine; we were mentally prepared for it to be three to five months for visas, and there were a couple things we really wanted to do before we left. But instead of the original three to five month wait, we ended up waiting 11 months.

During that waiting time, we learned:


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