Christian Women's Magazine - Walking Alongside the Depressed

JBU Fall Cover 2018

This issue of Just Between Magazine highlights advice on "Walking Alongside the Depressed" in your life. Other key article topics include: finding contentment, discovering God's word, and overcoming secondhand worry. 

Below is an excerpt from one of the featured articles "Walking Alongside a Depressed Spouse" by Terry Powell.  

What a husband or wife does or says in relation to a depressed spouse can either exacerbate the symptoms or help relieve them.

Dolly, my bride of over 46 years, doesn’t understand depression experientially.

She’s optimistic, outgoing. Her emotions stay on an even keel. She handles setbacks with simple faith in a loving God. Whether it’s in response to a comic strip, a humorous pet video, or part of a phone conversation, her laughter reverberates daily off the walls inside our house.

What a priceless wife! And despite her inexperience with depression, she’s wise and sensitive in how she handles my bouts with the darkness. If you’re a spouse of a depression-prone person, learn from one or more of these four reactions that describe her.


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