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JBU Spring 2012

By Jill Briscoe

I recently returned from ministry in UK and Germany. In Stuttgart, 150 women gathered for a four-day conference. They were leaders from many different nations. Some were USA military, based in the city. There were women there I had ministered with already in Eastern Europe, Dubai, Singapore, and, of course, Western Europe. It was a great encouragement to see the way God had used them in their different ministries.

We met in the international church where the pastor’s wife, who I met in Singapore years ago, had convened the meetings for those who wanted to know how to better grow their ministries.

They all came to renew and refresh. The privilege was mine to bring the plenary messages. They asked me to address, “How can we stay fresh and vital in our relationship with Christ so we can bless others?” And so we went back to the basics. We all needed to take responsibility to grow our own soul! How do you do that over the long haul?” they asked. “What keeps you going, Jill? How can we finish strong?” 

Coming home on the plane, I wrote a piece for a new little book I am writing. It follows the same theme. It is my conviction that often we don’t need to learn anything new. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of what we know very well already! If we all got back to basics, knowing and loving God, we could each become formidable for Christ and His cause. We all need to just take care of business.

Shortly after I came to a living faith in Christ, I discovered that I had some responsibilities in my relationship with God. A life lesson for me has been that I am responsible to look after my own interior life. I need to be intentional. 

This was worth a conversation with Him who is my Savior, don’t you think? 

“Lord,” I began, “You mean I need to take responsibility to grow my own soul?”

“I am the only One that can give you life and life abundant, but the growth of your heart relationship with Me needs to be developed. There are rules that make it work.”

“Like what?”

“Time spent together. You need to have a plan.”

“It sounds sort of unspiritual – to have to have a plan! Doesn’t it just happen inside you without you doing anything?” (I’d rather hoped it did, you know!) I knew the answer to that, of course!”

After our talk I spent a bit of time thinking about it. I considered other relationships in my life. They didn’t just happen; they needed work! Why wouldn’t the most important relationship of all take work too? Of course, this is Holywork! God work! Work He is willing to do in us if we just do our part. What a privilege. How exciting! So how do we do our part?

Don’t waste time.

He has numbered our days. We don’t know how long we have for our discoveries. Spend some minutes celebrating Him every day...reveling in Him. Read His Word and pray – the two essentials to grow your soul. For this to happen you need to have a spiritual plan, a schedule with time set aside where that can happen. 

Be practical.

Get your calendar or schedule out. Block off 30 minutes each day for your spiritual life. Plan it and make an appointment. Then keep it! Get excited. Make it a goal to prioritize your relationship with God this new year.

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