Lily Reeves

Lily Reeves has a passion to combine her love for Scripture, writing, adoption, missions work, and loving people with special needs. She hopes to encourage others through sharing the stories of God's grace in her life. Lily named her blog Kintsugi where she writes about watching God's grace shine through our weakness. In fact, Lilly states: I think Kintsugi (art) is a good way to illustrate life. God is the Master Artist, painstakingly breaking and then putting us back together to fashion His Church into His masterpiece. You and I are broken for a purpose. It isn’t a mistake. It isn’t something God wished He could control or something He didn’t see coming. He allows us to be broken, and He is putting us back together. His goodness shines through our weakness just like the gold on a kintsugi plate. You can find more of her writing or connect with her on her website: 

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