JBU Magazine Volume 19 No. 3

JBU Summer 2009

Featured topics in Just Between Us Magazine Volume 19 No. 3 include:  the God of second chances; full life - empty soul; living out your devotion to God; redeeming a teenage pregnancy; and finding leaders.  

One phone call from her daughter, turned her world upside down...“Mom, I’m pregnant.” Read more

Parenting Challenges

The words “it’s positive” not only changed my world, but more significantly, they changed my heart. Read more

Parenting Challenges

We need to encourage and train people to appreciate music as a gift of God, to be used for the glory of God. Read more


Cookies represent any time we do the wrong thing instead of doing the right thing – or when people diminish us with words or actions and we “eat them". Read more

Spiritual Health

Some of the best leaders are the unlikely leaders, because they’re the women God chooses. Read more

Women's Ministry

What do you do when your life is full, but your soul is empty? Read more

Spiritual Fatigue