JBU Magazine Volume 22 No. 1

JBU Winter 2011

Featured topics in this issue include:  living a life of worship; putting God back into the holidays; finding God in the wilderness; a Christ-like response to homosexuality; and winning over worry.  

This is worship, this is the glory of God made manifest in me...when I am less concerned about me and more concerned about His name, His people, and ultimately, His glory. Read more

Inspirational Stories

Truth, surprisingly, is scarce in the rhetoric surrounding how the Church should respond to homosexuality. Read more


As parents we have a responsibility to pass on our faith. God wants us to spread His good news and we should eagerly pass on a spiritual legacy for upcoming generations. Read more

Parenting Advice

Learning to give ourselves and others the permission to mend so God can make us whole again. Read more

Spiritual Fatigue

God will use the wilderness experiences in your life to build intimacy with Him. Read more

Relationship with God

Is it possible that we have a problem with worry because we have a problem with faith? Read more

Spiritual Health

Lack of thankfulness can be a spiritual sickness, producing prayers that border more on compulsion than surrender. Gratitude substitutes fear with faith. Read more

Spiritual Growth

Do not stop praying, for God will respond at precisely the right time. Do not lose heart, for God’s delay is not God’s denial. Read more


How can Christians be faithful to the unchanging truth of Scripture and relevant to a dramatically changing culture? Read more