JBU Magazine Volume 22 No. 2

JBU Spring 2012

Featured topics in this issue include:  how's your love life; fasting can change your life; finding your passion; jumpstarting your dreams; and loving your community.  

Even in the best of ministry transitions, there is still pain. However, church leadership changes can be positive! Read more


How many of us take on false guilt over circumstances completely outside our control? Remember, it's not always your fault. Read more

Emotional Health

As the Christian church we need to look carefully at the community we are called to be and to see clearly how we are demonstrating, to a world in need, who and what we are. Read more


Anita Carman shares her inspiring story on how you can summon the strength and courage to find the path and fulfill the dream God asks of you. Read more

Inspirational Stories

Loving our children even when they have walked away from the values and faith they were raised with reveals to them the depth of your love for them. Read more

Parenting Advice

There’s no question that I am most like Christ when I am loving, when I am thinking only of others, when I am putting love into action and meeting needs. Read more

Relationship Health

As a parent you care deeply about your teen's relationship with Christ. So, how they use or misuse social media is a big deal! Read more