JBU Magazine Volume 23 No. 1

JBU Winter 2012

Featured topics in Just Between Us Magazine Volume 23 No. 1 include:  awaken your soul; the problem with gossip; having a meaningful Christmas; freed by forgiveness; and journeying with God through chronic illness.

Do you ever feel like you are using all your talent, energy, and “know how” to minister to others? Yet inwardly, have your passions, dreams for the future, and feelings of vibrancy fallen asleep? Read more

Spiritual Fatigue

Whether it’s at home, in our ministries, or in any other area of our lives, we long for balance. How can we stay ignited and have a bright flame without getting burned or burning out? Read more

Ministry Life

Forgiveness is powerful. It’s a command. It’s a choice - you can break the power over past hurts. Read more

Spiritual Health

It takes hard work to improve a chronic illness when there are no easy answers. Here are five strategies for improving difficult health challenges. Read more

Tough Times