JBU Magazine Volume 23 No. 3

JBU Summer 2013

Featured topics in Just Between Us Magazine Volume 23 No. 3 include:  tackling transitions; lessons in the dessert; summer fun without breaking the bank; missing God; and help for caregivers.  

Keep these principles in mind as you prepare to dialogue with your child or teen about the all-important topic of sex. Read more

Parenting Advice

For over 30 years, Ken has lovingly taken care of his quadriplegic wife, Joni Eaerckson Tada. Learn from Ken how caregivers can find hope, encouragement, and purpose in their caregiving roles. Read more

Hope in Difficult Times

Our thoughts matter. They set the scene for our emotional responses. It's all in the mind, and when our thinking is out of order, it doesn't take long before our emotions follow suit. Read more

Emotional Health

Change can cause upheaval, confusion, stress, anxiety, and fear. It only makes sense that our first inclination is to resist it. Yet mustn’t forget that our God is a God of new beginnings. Read more

Emotional Health

How admitting we are wrong can lead to being spiritually right. Read more

Relationship Health

Every ministry will face challenges as they’re conceived and implemented by imperfect people. But no pitfall can do more damage than having unrealistic expectations. Read more

Women's Ministry

I could not affect the ultimate outcome of the divorce, but with my words and actions, I could say: “You are not alone.” Read more

Friendship Advice

How to survive and even thrive during life’s changes. Read more

Spiritual Growth