JBU Magazine Volume 23 No. 4

JBU Fall 2013

Featured topics in Just Between Us Magazine Volume 23 No. 4 include:  solving friendship dilemma's; the power of blessing others; hanging onto faith in the midst of cancer; when suicide happens; and when your women's ministry is in a rut.  

Jennie Allen talks about the radical prayer that changed her life. Read more

Inspirational Stories

Is our faith so recklessly abandoned to Jesus that we would risk everything to simply just touch His robe? Do we truly believe and live knowing God is bigger than our circumstances? Read more

Hope in Difficult Times

We can experience a sense of calling every day as God sets our agendas. Read more

Finding Purpose

Why does it take us so long to learn the art of keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus? Behold Him! Learn to focus on Jesus instead of all the problems in you life. Read more

Relationship with God

Healing the hurts in a disappointing friendship. Read more

Friendship Advice

Our responsibility is not to forgive ourselves for the wrong things we have done but, instead, to receive God’s forgiveness. God’s forgiveness is complete and all-sufficient. Read more

Spiritual Health

One woman's journey after her mother's suicide. God can bring healing from the brokenness left behind. Read more

Mental Health

Jesus is the One who is in charge of life and death, and the modern idea that human beings have the “right to die” when, where, and how they choose finds no place in the purposes of God. Read more

Mental Health

Understanding the anatomy of suicide gives us better tools to help others (and ourselves) in its prevention. Read more

Mental Health

Life in ministry is an emotional roller-coaster ride. From funeral to party, hospital room to wedding, life to death. It’s up and down. Read more

Pastors' Wives

Is your women's ministry stuck in a cycle of programs? Remember, programs are necessary because they lend structure to ministry, but they’re not the purpose of ministry. Women are. Read more

Women's Ministry