JBU Magazine Volume 24 No. 1

JBU Winter 2013

Featured topics in this issue include:  enjoying a peaceful life; caring for your soul; thriving in a spiritually mismatched marriage; winning the food battle; and how to overcome envy with gratitude.  

When it’s all about what the Lord wants to do in the lives of people, then encouraging our husbands in all their busyness happens a whole lot more easily. Read more

Pastors' Wives

There’s power in remembering what God has done in your life - there’s also gratitude. Read more


Many of us are no strangers to doubt in some form or another. Problems can arise, however, when, our doubts get out of control, and we find ourselves in a faith crisis. Read more

Emotional Health

Christmas is a time for giving. Many of God’s people throughout time thought about God’s special gift of a redeemer, and offered their own gifts in thankful response. Read more


You can bring "glad tidings of comfort and joy" to the hurting this Christmas. Read more


Caring for our souls is the only way to not find ourselves empty or just surviving. Give yourself a soul check to assess how well you're doing spiritually. Read more

Spiritual Health

People with chronic illnesses are sometimes people with invisible diseases and it can easily slip your mind that they are suffering in some way. Over time, they are simply forgotten. Read more


Leslie Strobel shares her story and offers help and hope for Christian women when their husband is not a believer in Christ. Read more

Marriage Advice

Do you ever feel like there is something missing in your desire to be healthy and the spiritual empowerment necessary to make that happen? Read more

Physical Health

Taking up the ministry of burden-bearing and inviting ourselves into the sacred places of another's pain helps them to carry the load. Read more


Often, we want to question God’s goodness when we endure difficulties or disabilities, diseases, death, or destruction. Read more

Relationship with God

One thing to remember is that wait is not an ugly word and “busy” is not a spiritual gift. Busyness is the enemy of peace. Busyness steals precious time. Busyness robs your blessings. Read more

Spiritual Health

It can be overwhelming to specialize and reach the wide variety of women's groups possible. How do we reach out to them without isolating them? Read more

Women's Ministry