JBU Magazine Volume 24 No. 2

JBU Spring 2014

Featured articles in this issue include:  God's will is closer than you think; friends through thick and thin; encouraging and understanding the depressed; celebrating differences in marriage; and understanding the mission field between your two feet.  

As you seek to nurture your marriage, remember the real power is when a wife teams up with God to encourage and love her husband at all times. Read more

Marriage Advice

It’s a hard world. Even the best of Christians feel the weight of weariness. How do we cope? Take courage in Christ. Read more

Hope in Difficult Times

Sometimes chaos is normal. God wants us to quit pretending we are fine. Like a kid with a splinter, we needed to sit still and let Him take care of us - even if it's uncomfortable. Read more

Spiritual Health

Sharing our heart and life with the women who come behind us is significant. We may not see the results, but we can trust that God will use our actions today for a legacy tomorrow. Read more


Maybe bravery is just looking fear in the face and telling it that it does not win because I have known the Lord here in the long, dark night. Read more

Tough Times

Use the gift that God has given and laugh! It’s good medicine for your soul. Read more

Spiritual Health

Among the busyness of summer, we can too easily take a break from our relationship with God and miss out on the opportunity to continue to grow spiritually. Read more

Relationship with God

Depression isn't always easy to understand, but we can offer companionship to those adrift on its turbulent waters. Read more

Mental Health

While all of us will experience times in life when close friendships are fewer and farther between, we need to do everything we can to make those seasons short. Read more

Pastors' Wives

“Opposites attract", but if you’re not careful in about six weeks they’ll irritate.” Mature married couples have learned to celebrate the differences Read more

Marriage Advice

While life doesn't get easier, it gets a lot better with friends along for the journey. Read more

Friendship Advice

Trusting in God requires surrender and often sacrifice. But what a relief to get rid of that “just in case” bag that’s been weighing you down! Read more

Emotional Health

Joy is an internal sense of well-being and an external demonstration of gladness that is largely independent of circumstances, but is profoundly dependent on God’s Spirit. Read more

Emotional Health

Anytime we find ourselves struggling under the weight of expectations, Jesus reminds us, “Come to Me.” Read more

Pastors' Wives

Born with Spina Bifida, Adriana Hayes realized that only Christ could understand her pain, and only He could turn her emotional and physical brokenness into beauty. Read more

Inspirational Stories

Loving your neighbor...Your greatest mission field is what is between your own two feet. Read more