JBU Magazine Volume 24 No. 3

JBU Summer 2014

Featured topics in this issue include:  an interview with Laura Story; finding soul refreshment; focusing on what your mother did right; hope in the dark world of sex trafficking; and the power of God's word.  

In the busyness and stresses of going about the business of ministry work, it’s easy to become not just over-worked, but over-tired, and overwhelmed. Read more

Pastors' Wives

Your own experience with God’s Word is all the evidence you need of its clout. What transformed you is the same Word you use when you teach, counsel, or witness. Read more

Ministry Life

Grammy-award-winning artist Laura Story talks about finding God’s blessings when our world is shaken. Read more

Inspirational Stories

What do you do when when prayer feels like an exercise in futility and your spirit feels as arid as July in the desert? Your heavy heart is no secret to the God who loves you. Read more

Spiritual Health

Moms and daughters have conflict. It’s part of being a family. But, moms deserve our respect. They also need grace like the rest of us—and they probably deserve it even more. Read more

Relationship Health

The basis for confidence in our ministries, and the key that unlocks fruitfulness, is the power inherent in God’s Word. Read more

Ministry Life

Victims of human sex trafficking are finding hope in one of the darkest places on earth. Read more


You can make a difference in reaching victims of human trafficking so that their lives can be transformed and the love of Jesus can bring healing. Read more


Resources to help push back the darkness of human sex trafficking. Read more