JBU Magazine Volume 25 No. 2

JBU Spring 2015

Featured topics in Just Between Us Magazine Volume 25 No. 2 include:  learning to worry less and live more; a cry for intimacy; living a simpler life; a family's struggle with Schizophrenia; and living a generous, grateful life.  

What is ‘Manning Up’ and how do we help lead our young men to manhood? Read more

Parenting Advice

This is a story that in my wildest dreams I never imagined I would tell – a story of survival, the power of hope in the midst of sorrow, and of life beyond the diagnosis of schizophrenia. Read more

Tough Times

Learn to be intentional about growing older gracefully and living a gracious, generous and grateful life. Read more

Physical Health

The same Jesus who transcended death itself will lift you up to transcend whatever trial that is taunting you today. Read more

Tough Times

God has used the dark storms in my life in untold ways. But in the accompanying clouds, I find Jesus and the glory of His presence is far greater and more powerful than any storm. Read more

Tough Times

A Biblical response to the phenomenon of erotica - looking at true intimacy and the longings of a women's heart. Read more


What does the phenomenon of women celebrating "mommy porn" really say about the intimacy that women long for today? Read more