JBU Magazine Volume 25 No. 4

JBU Fall 2015

This is the 25th anniversary issue of Just Between Us Magazine. Featured topics in this issue include:  living a resilient life; finding the right balance; battling Biblical illiteracy; overcoming alcohol addiction; and building interracial friendships.

Heather Kopp shares how God's love helped her overcome an alcohol addiction. more

Emotional Health

Instead of asking God to remove our pain, we need to start asking God to redeem our pain. more

Tough Times

We’ve been honest about our racial differences - and that’s made all the difference! more

Friendship Advice

How technology is shaping you and your relationships. more

Relationship Health

The most difficult aspect of ministry as a pastor's wife is learning to live with the "mistress". more

Pastors' Wives

Relationship navigation has become a maze of live interactions, online networking, and social media socializing. A look at how how Christian singles can be savvy online socializers. more


Many women in ministry struggle daily and painfully with the issue of balance. more

Ministry Life