JBU Magazine Volume 28 No. 1

JBU Winter Cover 2017

Featured topics in this issue include: giving thanks regardless of circumstances; marriage advice on flourishing together spiritually; prayers make a difference; and ways to cultivate a joyful heart.  

Doing a digital detox gives us space and allows us to think. It allows us to be present with those around us and helps us reconnect with ourselves and with God. more


Hearing God’s voice and discerning God’s will often involves doubt. How can we be certain that it’s God’s voice that we are hearing and not just our own? more

God's Will

The little moments of listening and obeying God, make the big moments easier. more

Spiritual Growth

The letters flow, back and forth across the miles. Doing what they set out to do from the beginning. Keeping our friendship alive. One word at a time. more

Friendship Advice

How many of us say no to things God wants us to say yes to simply because it makes no sense,  and as a result we miss out on becoming part of the much bigger plan that God has in mind? more

Relationship with God

Do you need a little help kick starting your joy? Try these tips to move your joy from the inside to your outside. more


Rediscover your passion for God’s Word and never become bored with the Bible again! more

Bible Study