Tough Times

Tough Times

By Jill Briscoe

When I was young, I used to play with caterpillars.  There were cute little ones and ugly ones and furry ones and smooth ones.  Such variety!  But they all had one thing in common:  They all formed a chrysalis and spent time becoming a beautiful butterfly. When the time came, the struggle would begin as the little bug fought its way out into the world, a new creature.

One day I saw one little chrysalis jumping around on the tray.  I felt so sorry for the little bug inside its “prison”, obviously wanting to escape, and I wanted to help.  So, running to the house, I found a pair of scissors and carefully cut off the top of the chrysalis to help it out.  When the bug popped out, I discovered my mistake.  Its wings were deformed, and it was colorless!

How was I to know the color came into the little thing’s wings in the triumph of the struggle?  How was I to know that it took that deathly struggle to release the wings in order for that little bug to soar above the earth that had been its natural habitat?  When I have been unable to save my children the difficult times in life, I have observed that in the struggle the color of their Christian character has come into their wings, and they have risen above their dire dilemmas.

So it was with Job.  He had been a “good” man, but through his tragedies he became a “gold” one!  And whereas the things that he feared had anchored him to the earth, his deathly struggle raised him to a new dimension of living.  The Bible calls that victory!

What tough times has God has allowed in your life do you need to accept today? Where has God caused growth in your life as a result of hardship? Thank Him for not abandoning you through the tough times and for making you more like Him.     

Just Between Us (JBU) has many resources for you, sharing examples of tough times life has thrown at others. Take a moment to read one that speaks to you. Learn from the experience of others and perhaps find comfort and encouragement in your own hardship. We pray that through it all you will draw near to God, for He is right there with you.

Also, the JUST BETWEEN US  book series presents...

Tough Times:  Trusting God When It Hurts - Hope When Your Life Falls Apart

This booklet is part of the Best of Just Between Us series presented by Jill Briscoe. The pain brought on by trials is often paralyzing. Fear, bitterness, anger, and doubt can cause us to forget that within our places of struggle and suffering - GOD is there, providing hope and grace. Asking us to trust in Him, He is there to remind us that we are not alone. In these ten inspiring chapters, women share their journeys of pain and faith, sharing God's provision and care during times of darkness - revealing the treasures that God can bring into our lives during these difficult seasons.

“I stood in purple heels, drenched in hurtful words that poisoned my heart.” Becky Alexander shares how trusting God’s Word healed her pain and restored her joy. Read more

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Tough Times

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Tough Times

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Tough Times

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Tough Times

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Tough Times

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Tough Times

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Tough Times

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Tough Times