Building Real, True Friendships

Building Real, True Friendships

Are you carrying a heavy burden? Do you feel you are living minute-to-minute? Do you feel alone in the struggle even with friends around you?  Some offer support, but realize they are helpless to do so. Others try to express concern, but don’t know what to say. Does your burden seem heavier because your closest friends and family live far away?  

Even Moses, the great leader of the Israelites, needed the support of others. As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites won the fight against the Amalekites. But when he lowered his hands, the enemy won. When Moses became tired, his two partners  held his arms up—one on each side—to steady his raised hands until the Israelites won the war (Gen. 17). We, like Moses, need support from people who are committed to keeping us trusting God. We need real friendships.  

Today’s technology allows us to have real-time contact around the world even in different time zones. Who is your “Aaron” or “Hur”? You’re probably already communicating by e-mail or social media, keeping up with your friend’s news and struggles, so start praying together online. Short, frequent notes and prayers give assurance of support. It’s amazing how a well-chosen close godly friend can ease the weight of the burden, give hope even when circumstances remain unchanged, and build accountability when we feel lost. As you are blessed by your true friendships, you can, in turn, be an encouragement for someone else. Miles disappear and hearts are drawn closer.     

Just Between Us (JBU) is all about relationships. The articles on our website provide many resources for choosing friends, building healthy relationships, having fun together, organizing groups, handling conflicts, and simply enjoying the gift of the real friendships God has given to all of us. 



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