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Welcome to “Your Stories”!  

Everyone loves a good story—especially a God story. We are so excited to provide you with a place to do just that… tell your story.

Here you will find women, just like you, sharing their personal stories and experiences as a way to comfort and inspire you on your own journeys and faith challenges. As you read, we pray you will be encouraged to trust God through whatever troubles you face, find contentment to help you embrace your circumstances, and ultimately find the peace only God can give you. 

As C. S. Lewis wrote, “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains; it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” May this spot on our website provide you with God’s megaphone to encourage you where you need it most!

We invite you to share your God stories, as we at Just Between Us continue on our mission to encourage and equip women around the world for a life of faith.  


Shelly Esser, Editor 

Carolyn Chesnutt answered the call of Matthew 25:34-36 and experienced God’s loving presence in a Gatesville, TX prison. Read more


God is good and His goodness has nothing to do with our circumstances. Our situations, no matter how difficult, do not change God’s character. Read more

Faith 1 Comments

On a plane at 39,000 feet, Krista Campbell experienced God’s truth in response to her tears; we are all valued, loved masterpieces-in-the-making in God’s hands. Read more


Janet Diaz learned to "be still and listen" and met God in the midst of the pain and anger that followed her divorce. Read more

Relationship with God

For over 25 years Pam Lovett has worked in missions. Discover what she learned about spiritual warfare, keeping the enemy at bay and standing firmly in faith. Read more

Spiritual Warfare

Loving God with our whole heart, soul, and strength is challenging. But God is forever faithful, even when we are not. Read more

Obeying God

Walk with a family holding on to faith as they journey through tragedy; trusting God to lead the way as their light in the tunnel! Read more


Are you living in the present or a captive of past mistakes? Do you wonder “am I really forgiven”? Surrender all your doubts to God and accept His forgiveness. Read more


As Christians how do we replace fear with joy? With God's help, learn to replace foreboding joy of the unknown with a pure joy to persevere in all circumstances. Read more

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