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Welcome to “Your Stories”!  

Everyone loves a good story—especially a God story. We are so excited to provide you with a place to do just that… tell your story.

Here you will find women, just like you, sharing their personal stories and experiences as a way to comfort and inspire you on your own journeys and faith challenges. As you read, we pray you will be encouraged to trust God through whatever troubles you face, find contentment to help you embrace your circumstances, and ultimately find the peace only God can give you. 

As C. S. Lewis wrote, “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains; it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” May this spot on our website provide you with God’s megaphone to encourage you where you need it most!

We invite you to share your God stories, as we at Just Between Us continue on our mission to encourage and equip women around the world for a life of faith.  


Shelly Esser, Editor 

We value the inspirational and encouraging stories posted as part of our Just Between Us online community. The views expressed in each story are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the ministry of Just Between Us.

Are you in the season of singleness and feel ashamed or embarrassed at being single? Donna Duckworth shares how she learned to trust God’s plans and His timing. Read more


Rachel MacKinney, a missionary in Napali, shares how God answered her prayers for protection. "My God sent his angel and shut the mouths of the lions" AND snakes. Read more

Faith 1 Comments

A reminder that, God, who can use two complete strangers to touch each other’s lives and accomplish His purpose, is so much bigger than the problems we face. Read more


Kathy Eckermann shares how psalms, hymns and songs are not just for worship, but can bring you comfort when you need it most. Read more


Natalie Wilson came to the realization that if Jesus could change her heart, then He could surely change her mind; helping her leave the anxiety behind. Read more


Cherry Schwulst doesn’t know the solution to the puzzle of addiction, but she does know that with God all things are possible! Here's her story. Read more


Christina Ray Stanton, a 9/11 survivor, shares her story and how God provided and revealed to her a new hope and a new future. Read more

Unfortunately, church wounding is all too common. If you have been hurt by the church, here are some thoughts that may help you process your pain to re-engage. Read more


God is gracious. He forgives us and gives us second chances in situations because He loves us. It’s up to us to accept and embrace those second chances. Read more


The glorious reward of belonging to Christ will always add up to more than whatever we’ve had to sacrifice. He has proven to be enough. You can count on it! Read more


Christine Morris shares her story on how the Lord used a taxi ride in Greece to show her the key to finding peace - even in the unknown. Read more


We all experience moments of weakness and attempt to hold our burdens high. But what if we surrendered our weights to God, the strongest of all? Read more


The present. How did “this moment in time” get that name? Could it be that God intended it to be just that? A gift? Read more


God has designed life and ministry to be beyond us. Know the costs, be wise, be realistic, but be ready to be stretched and spent beyond what you expect. Read more

Ministry Life

Judy Lorenzen shares her story on how watching her mother's life and listening to her words and teachings, had a profound impact on her faith and trust in God. Read more


Katherine Scott Jones shares how God used His Word and the gift of His truth to speak radically transforming assurance into the difficult circumstances of life. Read more


Are you ready for those uncomfortable conversations? 1 Peter 3:15 tells us to “Be ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks why you’re living the way you are.” Read more


How do you love, even when you don't agree? Above all, Jesus said to “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another” (John 13:34). Read more

Christianity and Culture

“I stood in purple heels, drenched in hurtful words that poisoned my heart.” Becky Alexander shares how trusting God’s Word healed her pain and restored her joy. Read more

Tough Times 2 Comments

Carolyn Chesnutt answered the call of Matthew 25:34-36 and experienced God’s loving presence in a Gatesville, TX prison. Read more