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Just Between Us Magazine | Winter 2021

A beautiful, truth-based resource that points women of all ages to Jesus Christ!

Hi Friends,

We hope all of you—those of you who have been with us for a while and those of you who are new to the JBU family—will see your Lord and Savior as you open up this issue! He is waiting for you and wants to love and encourage you through the words, Scripture, quotes, beautiful design, and every hand-picked and prayed-over article with you in mind. May you see reflections of His great love for you sprinkled throughout the issue as you realize just how personal He is.    

However, we recognize that for some of you this time of year is anything but wonderful. You may have lost a loved one and you’re processing fresh grief, or there has been a season of a crushing medical diagnosis, unemployment, a wayward child, or disappointments. It’s right into these griefs that God sent His Son—the suffering Savior so you wouldn’t have to walk through your pain alone. He is the God who comes low and finds us in our pain.

It’s our prayer that God will pour just what you need into your heart. No matter what season you’re in, He’s waiting to give your soul a big hug!

Holiday Blessings from the JBU Team!

Inside the Winter 2021 Issue

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Some of the great articles you'll find in this issue: 

Growing Through Your Yes
Don’t miss the adventures that will change your life.   
by Christine E. Wagoner
Rest Your Soul
Discover what real spiritual rest looks like and how to get it.
by Ginger Harrington
God’s Word Versus Emotions
Keep your emotions in check by letting the truth of God’s Word anchor your heart. 
by Laura Sandretti

Etiquette for Conflict-Free Holiday Visits
With a few simple ideas you can ensure that your visits with family this season are
blessings instead of burdens.
by Susan Vernick
A Season of Gratitude
Creative and inspiring ideas to practice through the holidays by a variety of women in all
stages of life.
compiled by Ann Cook
There is Always Hope
Kay Warren knows what it’s like to lose a child to suicide. She offers hope to parents of
kids struggling with mental illness.
by Kay Warren
Who Calls You Friend?
Be ready for the encounters God has for you with people from cultures and experiences who are different from you.
by Shelly McClanahan

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