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Fall 2022

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Exlusive Interviews

For over 30 years, Just Between Us Magazine has introduced you to women from all walks of life to inspire you in your walk of faith. These ordinary women who God is using in extraordinary ways have opened up their lives to you to cheer you on as you love and serve Jesus. The women you will find here are real and talk about the real issues in their everyday faith. Some of them have walked in impossible places and circumstances, bringing beauty out of the ashes. Through their interviews you will take trips around the world, be encouraged through their stories of heartbreak and joy, and be inspired by their courage, faith, and hearts for God wherever He has placed them.


They are women who have worked in the inner cities, prisons, medical field, education; they are prayer warriors, Bible teachers, radio hosts, women’s ministry leaders, missionaries bringing peace to countries closed to the Gospel, and more. They’ve been women who struggle just like you do in your life of faith, but all share one thing in common—a passionate love for the Lord Jesus.


We have interviewed Lysa TerKeurst, Joni Eareckson Tada, Katie Davis Majors, Jennie Allen, Carol Kent, Kristyn Getty, Laura Story, Jill Briscoe, Mo Isom, Katherine Wolf, Tammy Trent, Kay Arthur, Anne Graham Lotz, Annie Downs, Lisa Harper, Amena Brown, Christopher and Angela Yuan, Arlene Pellicane, Anita Carmen, Fern Nichols, Priscilla Shirer, Lois Evans, Leslie Strobel, and so many more!


Here are a few nuggets from some of our interviews over the years:


- “There’s an intimacy with the Lord that comes with walking through the valley and waiting on Him. There’s a reliance on His Word that we only know when everything else in life fades away…. Anything that makes us cling to the cross of Jesus more is a blessing. It’s believing that everything—every single thing that enters our lives—has been filtered through the loving hand of an Almighty God.” ~ Laura Story


- “I would rather be in this wheelchair knowing God as I do, then on my feet without Him.” ~ Joni Eareckson Tada


- “We need to choose Jesus every moment of every day. We need to be more fully committed to Him. When helping just one more person on some days seems like too much, we need to choose Jesus. We need to want every day to become a day we say ‘yes’ to Him.” ~ Katie Davis Majors


- “God has created us to sing. It is part of our design. When we sing, it goes both deeply into how we see, understand, and experience the world, and widely as we carry songs with us through life. It gives us words for our praise, our prayers, and our witness. When those words are biblically rich and beautiful, our souls are well-fed.” ~ Kristyn Getty


We know you will be encouraged by these amazing women’s wisdom and faith, hopefully spurring you on to be the extraordinary woman God has created you to be! We hope you enjoy getting to know them all as much as we did!



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