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Singleness is not a developmental stage between “teenage” and “married.” Whether you are happily single, single again or still waiting for the “right one” to come along, you are a full, complete, Image-bearing person. 


But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. You may see your friends pairing up and feel like a third wheel if they invite you along. You may be unable to be with your loved ones on holidays and feel very much alone when others are celebrating family togetherness. You might have a deep longing in your heart to be married but you can’t even figure out how to find Christians to date! Or you might be wrestling with the temptation to cross a line in your relationship that you know would lead to sexual sin.


We’re here to help. We at Just Between Us (JBU) understand that single Christians have unique challenges in today’s world. Whether you’ve been single all your life or find yourself newly single, we want to offer resources to help you navigate and thrive in this season of life.


First, remember that it’s okay to be single. The apostle Paul even encouraged it (1 Cor. 7:7). Also, keep in mind that God has a plan for you (Jer. 29:11). Even if you’re struggling with the place where God has you right now, it’s better to embrace this season and look for the blessings God has for you in it than to constantly be in grass-is-always-greener mode.


Everyone needs to love and be loved, but there are other forms of love besides romance (eros). Our first love should be the One who “first loved us” (1 John 4:19) (agape). But besides agape and eros, there is also phileo love, the love between friends. 


The best place to find phileo love is in the Body of Christ. One of the greatest needs of singles is for community. Find a group of people who accept you for who you are and invest in each other’s lives like a family would. 


A life group or Bible study with people of different ages and life situations will provide opportunities for you to be part of a community that looks like the Body of Christ. Perhaps you can offer to babysit for a young couple so they can have a night out once in a while. Likewise, they may invite you to their home for the holidays. If you were previously married, maybe you can walk alongside a young mom who suddenly finds herself single following a death or divorce. 


With more people waiting longer to get married or not marrying at all, the church should embrace its single members as more than just “pre-marrieds.” Likewise, single Christians shouldn’t let their marital status limit their role or involvement in the church. Get involved in ministries where you can use your gifts, invest in people, and create a loving community within your own little corner of the Body of Christ.

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