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Life as a missionary in Paupa New Guinea felt more bitter than sweet to Kellie - until a supply plane landed with her first issue of JBU.




I just finished reading the JBU magazine, almost word for word, cover to cover, in one sitting – alone in my living room, tears flowing from a full heart: full of pain, heartache, joy, thanksgiving and peace. My husband recently retired after our 40 years in full-time ministry and after 3 months, he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. This – doctors, chemo, pain – is not how we envisioned retirement or the later years of our lives. But we’ve seen the hand of God and felt His presence. The articles in this issue touched me deeply, bringing help, gratitude, courage, prayer and compassion for others, and much more with many, many tears. Thank you for the years you have spoken deeply to my heart and to each of you who shared in this issue. God bless you – thank you.”



“I have been receiving JBU for the past nine years. Through JBU, I have found answers to tough times in ministry and encouragement to hang in there for the Lord. As a ministry wife with the closest McDonald’s and decent shopping eight hours away, the isolation can be a bit hard at times, but JBU has been water in the dry desert. It has quite often arrived at times of hardship with answers to a situation happening at the time. Thank you for this life-saving magazine."

pamPam Farrel:

“I've always had all my leaders under me subscribe to JBU - every woman in any form of leading and serving others - because they are always so inspired, encouraged and equipped by JBU.  I believe so much in this ministry that for the past serveral years, I have become a member of the donor circle...if we all contribute a little, we all in turn will gain so much.  And more importantly, those we serve, and those women we are trying to reach, will gain even more - perhaps Christ - because of an idea or inspiration gained from JBU."

sarahJBU Reader:

“I am presently an inmate at a women’s prison. I have been reading the books that have all the best, past articles from JBU magazine and they have changed me so much. The one titled “Finding God’s Will” has turned my life around. I have given my life over to God and have now gone to church here. Another inmate here who knows Jesus has helped me. I have been a victim of every kind of abuse and want a better life for my children. I’ll be leaving soon and would like to have more of these to read. Thank you for helping me!”


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