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Core Competencies of a Women's Ministry

Three core competencies to impart to any woman in your women's ministry programs:


1.  A humble spirit.


A humble spirit to serve as a servant, meaning no matter how gifted you are, you believe your gifts are entrusted to you by God and you accept them with humility and an accountability to use them responsibly for the benefit of others.


2.  An ability to finish what you started.


A tenacity to finish what you started, meaning you have the staying power and the discipline to keep going in spite of setbacks.


3.  Serving out of God’s love for you.


Experiencing a joy that comes from serving from a heart that overflows with God’s love for you, meaning you are not on a performance treadmill trying to earn approval, but you serve out of giving your life back to God who first loved you abundantly.


Starting a Women's Ministry


Women in the church all need a safe place to come where they can connect with each other and grow in their faith. And, a thriving women’s ministry can be the perfect source of spiritual growth, fellowship, and support for women within the church community. If you’ve been yearning to launch a women’s ministry but aren’t sure where to begin, this checklist is for you. 


Download your FREE copy of The Essential Checklist for Starting a Women’s Ministry today, and get ready to embark on an exciting adventure of faith, friendship, and service!