Adriana Hayes

Adriana Hayes

Adriana Hayes is a regular columnist for Just Between Us, freelance illustrator, professor, writer, and speaker who finds joy in helping others discover how God can bring “chronic hope” into their lives. She lives in Milwaukee Wisconsin, with her husband, Chris, and three daughters. For more information visit her website at:

During long periods of waiting, it can feel like God isn’t working. But be assured, He is! Bit by bit He is working to transform your faith and your life. Read more


Joyful sorrows. Unbelievable right? Yet, when we learn to recognize what God has done and can do in the midst of our suffering, joy beings to replace our pain. Read more

Pain and Suffering

Are you placing your sense of security and confidence in God? Who is your rock? Do you trust God to be the firm foundation for everything you need? Read more

Trusting God

What should you should say to someone who is hurting or in response to someone who has hurt you? Read more


Scripture repeatedly affirms the idea of suffering producing strength. If we keep going in the midst of the suffering on this earth, God promises to bring strength to our soul. Read more

Tough Times

How do you think about your differences or physical limitations? Ask God to use them to grow in your compassion for others. Read more

Finding Purpose

One of the jobs of the Holy Spirit is to act as a sort of “spiritual nervous system” that warns us when we are getting too close to sin that could cause damage in our lives. Read more

Spiritual Health

I have felt a growing desire to live for His purposes rather than in fear of my pain. And, my cross feels lighter. My broken body seems more bearable. Read more

Tough Times

Praise and thanksgiving towards God in the midst of our suffering will transform our perspective to that of an eternal one and give way to hope. Read more

Tough Times

Instead of asking God to remove our pain, we need to start asking God to redeem our pain. Read more

Tough Times

To find hope in the midst of affliction, remember God promises to equip us, never leave us, and carry for us the trials that we cannot handle on our own. Read more

Hope in Difficult Times

No matter where you find yourself on the daily spectrum of chronic pain, living well when it hurts is possible. Read more

Physical Health

As much as I hate that GUILT has controlled my day, I need to learn to battle false guilt and know that GRACE will redeem my day. Read more

Emotional Health

When you look at the cross of Christ, you will see that God understands our pain. Read more

Tough Times

Born with Spina Bifida, Adriana Hayes realized that only Christ could understand her pain, and only He could turn her brokenness into beauty. Read more

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