Anita Carman

Anita Carman

Anita Carman is a regular columnist for Just Between Us and serves on the JBU advisory board. She is the Founder and President of Inspire Women, an organization which inspires women across ethnicities, denominations, and economic levels to connect their lives to God’s purpose. It also funds biblical resources and scholarships to train women for missions and ministry. She has an M.B.A. from the State University of New York and she completed graduate level studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. Anita writes a regular devotion, subscribed to by thousands, and is the author of Transforming for a Purpose. She lives in Houston, Tex., with her husband, Robert; they have two sons.

A Daughter's Destiny:  Finding Redemption in the Midst of Broken Dreams  by Anita Carmen

As women, we are all daughters forever. Our stories are intertwined with our mothers’ stories. Our lives become a revision and a re-visitation of their own. Many of us are daughters of trauma, daughters of failed hopes, daughters who have borne the burden of running the paths that our mothers couldn’t. How do we cope with this complex legacy?

In unraveling the details in my mother's lost dreams, I saluted my mother as a woman who fought battles and sometimes lost. We are fellow women who have been given life and potential as well as the blessed freedom to choose what we want to do with these things.         

A Daughter’s Destiny: Finding Redemption in the Midst of Broken Dreams is about my mother’s dreams and disappointments, about the unexpected threads that connected her to me and to the lives of thousands of women today. It is both her tragedy and her song of hope... 

It is my prayer this book will open doors to discussions about your relationships with significant people in your formative years and open your eyes to see God's presence in the broken scripts of unfinished stories and the vision of what could be when you allow your Heavenly Father to finish your story in His redemptive way.

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