Christian Missions

Christian Missions

By Jill Briscoe

Someone has said, “Missionaries are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances expected to do numerous things with nothing much!” 

I was reminded of this while in Africa visiting the head office of a Christian missions station.  A young girl sat typing diligently.  Behind her a pink and green poster displayed the words:

We the unwilling

led by the unknowing

are doing the impossible

for the ungrateful.

We have done so much

for so long with so little,

we are now qualified

to do anything

with nothing! 

I liked it!  I used to think that the people whom missionaries went to serve would be so thankful that they would roll out the red carpet, fly the flags, and get the bands to play.  I learned differently.  Few thank the doctors for bringing healing, the development team is met with suspicion, and the radio station that broadcasts, among other things, “Thou shalt not steal,” is plundered constantly despite the hired guards.

“To give and not to count the cost,” in such situations, takes a special attitude.  Notice I didn’t say a special person!  It takes a servant spirit – to go, to stay, and to be faithful to the loving God who has called you to His work.

When you pray for missionaries – and I hope you do – pray that the unwilling will be made willing, the unknowing will be given light, and the servants of the Lord will be satisfied with His “Well done” at the end of their day!

“Well done, good and faithful servant.”  ~ Matthew 25:21

Lord, there are Christian missions and missionaries all over the world this very day doing so many different jobs to build Your kingdom.  I pray that You protect them, give them strength in their efforts, and peace in their hearts.  I also pray that You would give me a servant spirit in my personal mission field to stay faithful to the work You have given me.  Keep me willing when I meet with tasks that seem impossible and people who seem ungrateful.  Amen.

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