Dealing with Loneliness

Dealing with Loneliness

By Danae Templeton

It’s easy to feel alone, especially in today’s Facebook world! We have a lot of “friends” but few who really know us. If we don’t have a strong face-to-face emotional connection to people who we’re doing life with it can feel like all our relationships are surface. God made us to thrive  through healthy relational intimacy and community—not the Facebook kind.

Especially when you’re feeling alone, it’s important to remember that Christ is always with you, by your side. He has said, “Never will I leave you or forsake you.” Reject the lies that say you are alone, that no one cares, or that you’ve been abandoned. They aren’t true.

Just Between Us is here for you in those times when you are dealing with loneliness. Look through this collection of stories of others recounting their own experiences, but don’t stop there! Pray, reach out, and find the hand of God in the kindness of another to be with you in your journey. You were never meant to walk your life of faith alone.

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