Dealing with Pornography

Dealing with Pornography

By Ronnie Wendt

Mo Isom writes in her book, Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot, “For more than a decade I silently wrestled with a fixation on pornography and sexual exposure. From 8 to 18, I quietly sought out and filled my eyes, my mind, and my heart with shameful things.”

She later adds, “But then Jesus collided with my story.”

Isom is an author, speaker, wife, mother, and a Christian. Her book shatters the myth that only men suffer from porn addiction. While Isom was brave enough to share her story with others, she is far from alone in her admission of an addiction to pornography. There are currently over 24.5 million pornographic websites on the Internet, and at any given second in time almost 30,000 people (men, women, and children) are looking at porn. 

Modern culture advertises pornography as a relationship enhancer, harmless personal entertainment, and a viable sexual education source, but science and research tell a different story. Research finds that pornography harms the brain, damages relationships, and takes a negative toll on society as a whole. 

Although the Bible does not specifically warn against pornography, the New Testament warns us many times against impurity, immorality and ungodliness. James 1:21, for example, advises us to “Get rid of all ‘moral filth.’” Pornography is moral filth that fills us with images and ideas that can lead us into sin.

Just Between Us understands that as pornography spreads across our culture and homes, it becomes an issue that can negatively affect everyone (men, women and children) in God’s kingdom. For this reason, we’ve compiled articles that candidly address the challenging topic of dealing with pornography—from porn addiction, to loving someone with a porn addiction—and its devastating impacts on marriage and families. It’s our hope and prayer that you will find the help you need to begin climbing out of the bondage pornography can cause personally, to your marriage, to your family, and beyond. You are not alone and there is hope.

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