Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse

If you’re waiting for circumstances to change or others to fill you up, you won’t experience real joy. Only God restores and redeems a heart full of holes. Read more


Do you have a hard time asking others for help? Learn to receive from the body of Christ. Read more


How God used the ministry of Inspire Women in one woman's life. Read more

Tough Times

I understood that my husband had been emotionally abusing me for years; that fear controlled me in my efforts to keep everything just right to avoid incurring my husband’s wrath. Read more

Marriage Advice

Desperate women with nowhere to turn are suffocating in emotionally abusive marriages and not getting the help they are begging for. How can we help? Read more

Marriage Advice 2 Comments

Recognizing the possibility of domestic abuse in our neighborhoods and churches and, like the Good Samaritan, having the compassion to help these victims of violence. Read more