Healthy Living

Healthy Living

The Just Between Us website has a vast online library of content covering the entire spectrum of healthy living. There are articles that share testimonials, celebrate overcoming obstacles, and provide abundant resources for all of these areas that affect our lives on every level.

We live in a world that invites us to binge on digital connectedness, eat poorly, be consumed with busyness, strive for perfection and meeting everyone’s expectations downplaying our need for rest and refreshment as we continue be deceived into thinking that we have thriving relationships—when in fact, we live by texting and through email communication far more than face to face exchanges and time well spent with others that we know and love. Excuses abound for why we don’t have the time and energy to embrace a lifestyle that includes healthy choices on every level.  

Our web content will help you examine difficult scenarios and work through specific situations that affect relational, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health. You will find encouragement, compassion, sound biblical teaching and vast resources that cover every area of healthy living in today’s complicated and fast-paced world.

We are very complex beings and only a living God could have created us -- body, mind and spirit- as we are. It is by our physical bodies that we function and connect to the world with our five senses. Our mind is what gives us our intelligence, personality and our ability to live out our relationships with God and other people and with ourselves.  Our spirit gives meaning to life. At the deepest level our spirit enables us to love one another, ourselves and commune with God. 

You will find a very detailed list of healthy living topics on the Just Between Us Health tab on the homepage of our website.  In addition to the 5 major areas of physical, emotional, spiritual, relational and mental health we also cover many other aspects of healthy living including: depression, self-esteem, worry, fear, bitterness, guilt, substance abuse, rest and renewal, and many more. 

There is help and hope for all of us as we identify our weaknesses, struggles, disappointments, desires and resolutions for desiring to live healthy lives tending to our bodies, souls, minds and spirits. As Philippians 4:8 states, “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.”  

God created us to live in constant fellowship with Him and in peace and harmony with one another. Seek Him first in all things and avail yourself of all the wonderful resources here to help you attain a God honoring lifestyle that benefits not only yourself, but everyone else that you are called to serve and love!

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Emotional Health

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Finding Purpose

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Relationship with God

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Inspirational Stories

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Difficult Relationships

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Spiritual Growth

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Relationship with God

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Parenting Advice

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Relationship with God

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Rest and Renewal

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Physical Health

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