Melva Henderson

Melva Henderson

Melva L. Henderson, is a regular columnist for Just Between Us, an author and speaker. Additionally, she is the founder of The Milwaukee Give, a humanitarian outreach, and co-founder of World Outreach and Bible Training Center Inc.  Melva is wife to pastor Ervin L. Henderson, mother of five, and grandmother of two. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and her website,

Redemptive love is the highest form of love. It recognizes that judgment is due, but instead releases mercy. Read more


God longs to fellowship with us, so jump over those sinkholes of the flesh, cast down those temptations, and take your place before the throne. Read more

Struggling with Sin

In the eyes of God, true leadership is not about receiving recognition or the accolades of men. It’s about serving others. Read more


God the Father ensures that with each transition in life comes the necessary grace to move intentionally and successfully. Grace is God’s enabling ability. Read more

God's Grace

Stay in God’s presence. Keep your life accountable to His Word, and you’ll get through the course of life God has mapped out for you like a champion driver. Read more

Finding Purpose

When we listen to and obey His promptings, God’s Word goes to work on our behalf and the purpose and desire of God is brought into existence. Read more

Obeying God 1 Comments

God requires us to live a life that exemplifies who He is. God is love and He wants us to reveal His character to the world by loving others as He does. Read more


How can we replace fear with faith? We must choose to be brave knowing that God is with us and He’s more than anything that can or will ever come against us. Read more


If you need clear, precise answers - direction for where to go, what to do, and when or how to do it - God has the answers for you. Read more

Relationship with God

As Christians, we must understand just how vital it is that we accept the commission to go into all the world with the heart of God and the saving message of Jesus Christ. Read more


Melva Henderson Ministries is developing the life and faith of believers worldwide. Read more


Melva Henderson is passionately pursuing Jesus and living out her legacy of faith, making a difference in lives of individuals around the world. Read more

Inspirational Stories

Psalm 23 is a revelation of who God is in our lives and how were are loved and cared for by our heavenly Father. Read more

Trusting God

There are hurting people all around us, and God wants to touch their lives through a heart of compassion. Read more


God wants to love people through you. He’s looking for those who will “Love Out Loud”. Read more


If we’re going to grow as believers, we must learn the importance of controlling our thoughts. It has the potential to move us into success or to drive us to absolute failure. Read more

Spiritual Health

It’s imperative we spend more time training ourselves to listen for the voice of God. Hearing God speak creates a greater personal awareness of the reality of God. Read more

Relationship with God

Many people live their daily lives stressed and worried. Christians all over the world suffer from anxiety. God doesn’t want us to live with anxiety. Read more

Emotional Health