The Promise of God's Presence

God's Presence

By Jill Briscoe

“Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”  ~ Psalm 23:6 

The words of Psalm 23:6 tell us that “surely (God’s) goodness and love will follow” us.  Surely – not maybe or perhaps.  The man who wrote those words, King David of Israel, experienced God’s goodness and mercy all his days and nights.  Whether the sun was shining or it was midnight in his soul, David was able to say, “Surely Your goodness and love will follow me.”

It’s so much easier for us to say “most days” or “some days.”  Yet the text promises God’s presence all the days of our life.  This is not a promise that all our days will be good or happy but rather an assurance that the God of mercy will follow us through the good and the bad days, the rich and the poor days, the sick and the well days – all the days of our life.

When we believe this promise, we bring His presence into our problems.  It is His presence in all of our nights that wrings from our lips the certain cry, “Surely!”  His sweet friendship lights up good days and makes them even better.  So we do not have a maybe or a perhaps or a hopefully, but a surely that is rooted in the proven promises of God.  Such certainty in the reliability of the good and loving Shepherd of our soul grows trust day by day, whether He leads us through the dark valleys in the shadows or on the high hills in the sunshine.

Lord, thank You for the promise of Your presence in my life in every hour and in every circumstance. When my situation is light or when it is heavy, You are surely here with me.  Remind me each day to lean on You and know Your presence is with me.  Amen.

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