Spiritual Intimacy

Spiritual Intimacy

By Jill Briscoe

What is the secret of finding words that will change my world?  And where do I get the power and strength to declare them to the next generation? The secret lies in spiritual intimacy – in words given by one Shepherd.

Receiving ideas and words, firsthand from one shepherd, that will declare His power to the people who are living the shallow places where everyone lives, are found in ‘The Deep Place Where Nobody Goes,’ as you sit on the steps of your soul, with the ‘Golden Book,’ outside Gods ‘Front Door.’

I have found my life and ministry is only as powerful and rich as the time I spend with God.  I must find my way to the ‘waiting room’ a hundred times a day where He is waiting for me to wait!  I must learn quietude however much the ‘Busy Grinch’ howls.  Strangely, in finding quietude so I can hear His voice, I can begin to live my life out loud.  However many good things there are to do, good programs to organize, good meals to cook, good children to manage, good soccer games to attend, good messages to prepare and good people to meet, I must above all work at good intimacy with God, for this is where the power lies.  Power to live a life of meaning and power, and to declare that power to this troubled generation.

Lord, my time alone with You is a necessity.  Without it I have no strength.  Too often I have let the busyness of life steal this precious time and effect my spiritual intimacy with you. Help me to step out of the rush and find time for eternal things with You each day.  Amen.

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