Support for Physical Health

Support for Physical Health

Maintaining our physical health isn’t really that mysterious, is it? We know we need to eat well, exercise regularly, and get a good night’s sleep. The problem is we often just don’t do it. Maybe what we need is some support for physical health advice and some practical reminders about the body to help us stay focused.

Recognize you only have one body.

The body you have is the only one you will ever get. Our bodies are important to God. Scripture tells us our “bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit” and we’re commanded to honor God with them (1 Cor. 6:19-20). What does honoring God with our bodies look like? How does knowing the Holy Spirit dwells in you change how you treat your body?

Accept the body you have been given.

Our bodies come in different shapes and sizes. We can change the look of our bodies to a point, but that can also be predetermined by genetics, environment, and aging. Many of us would be happier if we accepted the bodies we have rather than constantly fighting them. Our efforts to keep modifying our bodies can sometimes cross a line. We should be careful not to offend God with our dislike of our bodies and instead consider why he gave us our particular body in the first place.  

Discipline your body to maintain health.

Bodies change over time due to many factors like aging, environment, injuries, genetics, and lack of self-control, among others. Healthy bodies don’t just happen. Even when you’re younger, bad habits can quickly build a shaky foundation. It’s important to build good habits early on. In mid-life, it often becomes more difficult to maintain a healthy body as processes slow. Being disciplined to spend calories on worthwhile foods, getting a solid eight hours of sleep, and not skipping that workout can make a big difference. The challenge for older adults is often to keep moving despite the aches and pains. Discipline may be painful for a time, but it builds contentment down the road.

Just Between Us (JBU) has several support for physical health resources, articles and advice that can help you examine the body you’ve been given so you can keep it in tip-top shape. We hope they will be helpful to you as you seek to glorify God with your temple.

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