Devotions for Christian Women

Is your spiritual life growing stale? Are you weary from going through tough times that have you thinking you just can’t go on?  Would a little affirmation of God’s love for you brighten your day? Discover the treasures that await you as you step away from the daily pressures of life and ministry and carve out a few minutes to find heartfelt refreshment through Jill Briscoe’s devotions for Christian women.

Jill has been sharing her intimate, honest, and insightful exchanges with God for years. Her devotions will transport you to the heart of God. Her writings often remind us that every occasion in our lives is an opportunity to talk to and listen to God - and that He has much to impart and teach us as we go through life. 

Rich in wisdom, Scriptural application, personal stories, and spiritual insight - devotions for Christian women will transport you to what she calls the “deep place” - where few venture, but where she has gone deep in her relationship with God through intimate conversations with Him. They are conversations that you can experience too!

As you read through these devotions for Christian women, allow yourself to focus on the joy of hearing God’s voice and experiencing His love through her struggles, concerns, encouragement, prayers, and life lessons that are truly ageless and timeless - and will help you draw closer to your own “deep place” with God. 


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