Jill Briscoe | JBU Ministry Founder


Jill Briscoe is Founder and Executive Editor of Just Between Us (JBU) magazine and ministry. Over 30 years ago, God took Jill Briscoe’s dream for women around the globe to be spiritually encouraged and equipped for a life of faith through the written word and made it a reality with the establishment of Just Between Us magazine and ministry.

In the beginning the publishing experts said it would be “impossible” for a magazine to make it when run by a handful of part-time staff with mostly volunteers. But Jill went ahead anyway. And because of God’s faithfulness, Just Between Us is a story about the impossible. The JBU ministry has defied all publishing odds. It is truly a miracle that JBU continues to thrive and impact women’s spiritual lives around the globe.

Born in Liverpool England in 1935, Jill was educated at Cambridge and taught school for a number of years before marrying Stuart Briscoe and raising their three children. In addition to sharing with her husband in ministry with Torchbearers and pastoring a church in the United States for 30 years, Jill has written over 40 books, extensively taught and encouraged others on every continent, served on the boards of Christianity Today and World Relief, and acted as Executive Editor of Just Between Us magazine. Jill can be heard regularly on the worldwide media ministry called Telling the Truth. Jill and her husband reside in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is proud to be called “Nana” by 13 grandchildren.



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