Invest your time in the lives of students—you’ll be transformed and so will they! more


We cannot keep an account of every sin. The Lord requires us to forgive no matter what the injury. more


Learn to let go of your pride and find blessing in allowing others to help carry you to Jesus. more

Relationship Health

When we place anything or anyone above God, we have committed spiritual adultery. What things in your life are you putting before God? more


9/11 sent Jill Briscoe on a six-day detour with the unprecedented opportunity to point others to the God Who is in control. more

Inspirational Stories

Learn to slow down long enough to rekindle your love for God. more

Relationship with God

When the time is right, God's spirit can lead you to that inward desert. more

Spiritual Growth

A ministry family experiences a remarkable recovery from a brain injury. more

Inspirational Stories

Restoration steps for helping women work through their hurts and heal from the inside out. more

Leadership Advice

God takes our ordinary efforts and makes them extraordinary. more

Finding Purpose

The senior years are exciting, for they are the bridge into the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, enter each day with excitement, purpose and anticipation. more

Inspirational Stories

When you take Jesus to work with you, even the greatest challenges can be turned around for His glory! more

Finding Purpose

What are you holding on to too tightly? Ask God to open your hands and let go of those things that are keeping you from Him and from a passionate, growing faith. more


Jesus is our ultimate mentor, but God gifts us with community. If we’re honest, we are mentoring and being mentored all the time. But we need to be intentional about both. more

Relationship Health

The giant stealing your joy and breaking your heart can be stopped. Shake off the binding chains, and run forward with purpose, intention, and hope. more


You have multiple chances daily to live your faith in front of your kids. Make the most of every opportunity! more


When God commanded Sabbath, He wasn’t talking about our actions. He was challenging our attitude. more

Relationship with God

Coping strategies for when unemployment in ministry hits home. more

Ministry Stress

Jesus makes heaven a home. To think about heaven is to think about Jesus. To pursue heaven with your heart is to pursue Him. Jesus is who makes the Better Country better. more

Trusting God

God commands us to "rejoice with those who rejoice", even when that sometimes feels so very impossible. more


About Just Between Us Magazine for Christian Women

Just Between Us (JBU) is a non-profit ministry and quarterly magazine focused on encouraging and equipping Christian women around the world for a life of faith. Just Between Us focuses on the key areas of Faith, Life, Relationships, Health, and Ministry providing information, advice, and real-life stories to inspire and help you on your journey to live for  Christ. Recognizing that all of us need someone to come alongside and encourage us on life’s journey, we invite you to become a part of this special community of Christian women.

Over twenty-five years ago, God took international speaker and author Jill Briscoe’s dream for a tool for Christian women and made it a reality. Publishing experts, at the time, told Jill that Just Between Us magazine could never be sustained with a handful of part-time staff and volunteers, but she went ahead anyway. Amazingly, today, JBU makes its way around the world into over 65 countries and to every state in the U.S. to become that encouragement and lifeline that Jill envisioned from the beginning.  

There’s no doubt in any of our minds that every issue of the magazine is a miracle; that it is something that God does. He is the One who has directed this ministry from its very inception, and He is the One who has carried us through every issue with His fingerprints on the content and His Spirit bringing life, literally, from its pages,” says Shelly Esser, Editor.  

As a magazine and ministry, Just Between Us has sought to be a friend to women everywhere and to come alongside them in their joys and struggles, ministering through biblically-based, relevant content through the written word.

To that end, JBU covers key topics on the Christian life, relationships, marriage, family, life’s difficulties, and your relationship with Christ, as well as providing resources for ministry and everything in between. The magazine covers regular topics like: dealing with difficult people, handling stress, battling depression and suicide, growing spiritually, finding hope in difficult times, and understanding current cultural issues like homosexuality and pornography. 

JBU is also an international magazine. We partner with women around the world in places like: Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, South America, the United Kingdom, and many other places. The women in these countries take articles from JBU and translate them into their native languages so that their women can be encouraged, because they are without any Christian resources.  

One of our readers said this about JBUI just received my newest JBU! This issue was written for me. I'm convinced of it. God meant for this magazine with these articles to be placed in my hands today. I needed to read them to realize that another woman has been there and understands, and to read that God is perfect in His timing with no errors in His plan. THANK YOU for JBU! I needed it, right here, and right now.  ~ M.N.

Please join us as God continues to use our magazine, website, inspirational books, and new line of Christian greeting cards to resource and minister to women worldwide. We invite you to let us come into your lives as your trusted friend and to become a part of this very special community of Christian women today!