Rest and Renewal

Rest, Renewal

As women, we have a tendency to commit 110 percent of our time and energy to our marriage, our family, our ministry, but not our own rest or renewal. Combining relaxation (in whatever form you need) with talking to God, worship, or meditation, you will be amazed at how refreshed you will feel.  We all need to make rest a priority. 

Here are some tips for incorporating times of rest and renewal into your life:  

Admit your need for rest - There’s no shame in being tired because you are serving others. You are only human.

Put it on the calendar - Once you determine your need for rest, get a date put on the calendar before it fills up.  STICK TO IT!!

Get the support of your family and friends - Share with your husband why you’d like to try a personal retreat; after all, he’s the one who’ll hold down the fort when you are gone. Ask friends to pray for you through the process.

Don’t feel guilty - While it is true that you are leaving behind needs and tasks, the unselfish thing to do is to make it a priority to be renewed.  You will return strengthened for the tasks at hand.

Customize your retreat - Think through what is restful for you.  Rustic or luxurious? Active or quiet?  Mountains or ocean?  Near or far?

Include the nature element - The heavens do declare His glory, and are the perfect setting in which to be renewed.

Also, the JUST BETWEEN US  book series presents...

Rest and Renewal:  Refreshing Your Soul - Caring for Your Inner Life

We live in a non-stop, chaotic world. Caring for our families, ministering at church, walking alongside friends, and everyday responsibilities often leave us tired and depleted. Sometimes, it feels like there’s no time left four ourselves - or God. Yet our souls desperately need time for the spiritual renewal only He can give. Learn why spiritual care is so necessary along with help for making it happen. This book, part of the Just Between Us book series presented by Jill Briscoe,  is packed with relevant topics, practical help, and biblical guidance to refresh your relationship with God and others.