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For over 30 years, we've been sharing personal stories of real-life journeys of spiritual growth - poignant articles written by women for women.  We have organized some of the best into the softcover, 10-chapter volumes shown below.  Taken straight from the pages of Just Between Us, they're bound to inspire you.  Why not order one - for yourself or a friend - today?


Deepening Your Prayer Life

Getting in touch with the heart of God. Do you desire a deeper prayer you want ot reignite your passion? Discover how prayer can become one of the greatest adventures of your life - and practical help that will lead you to the heart of God. 


Refreshing Your Soul

Caring for Your Inner Life. Discover why spiritual care is so necessary and how easy it is to create some personal “soul time” with God every day.


Hope in Darkness

Understanding Depression & Suicide. Read personal stories that shed light on depression, mental illness, and suicide...and see how, even in the most difficult of times, God provides support in the darkness.


Trusting God When It Hurts

Hope When Your Life Falls Apart. Learn life lessons from women who share their journeys of pain and faith - revealing the treasures that God can bring into our lives during these difficult seasons.



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