How to Respond to Hurtful Comments

Did She Really Just Say That!

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forgiveness or rudeness??

I just came across this interesting website and appreciate many amazing articles.
However, I think we Christians have tendency, even misconception that letting someone being rude, impolite and hurting other people is our polygon to display or exibit our 'christianity'. First of all, Bible teaches to treat others as we would like to be treated. Letting people go with their rude attitude is equal as if we tell someone with fever 40C that he or she is ok and that he does not need any remedy let alone physician. In that way, not only that we misinterpret true christian teaching, but we almost encourage and support attitude that is everything but not human let alone Christlike. Furthermore, we have tendency making hurt person feel non Christlike if she or he tries to make abuser aware that her or his attitude is not ok. To make it short, forgivnness yes, but not on the expense of hurting someone inteligence that we have to allow some raw and rude behavior to test quality of our christianity. We all have be christians not only those who are attacked.

lybi more than 1 year ago

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