Aging Gracefully

Aging with Grace

In the book, Improving with Age, coauthor Stuart Briscoe says, “Well-meaning friends have sent me books that I ‘absolutely need to read.’ Most of them, including such masterpieces as 70 Ways to Beat 70 or Younger Next Year, promise, if not the reversal of the aging process, at least the opportunity to deny it with some degree of justification.”

We live in a culture that worships youth. Staying young is a billion dollar a year business. Every day we are bombarded with products that promise to keep us looking and feeling younger.  Yet, the moment we are born we all start the aging process!  What if we, instead, learn to embrace aging as a part of life's journey?  Could there be such a thing as aging gracefully?

“Consider this possibility: could it be that physical wasting away and spiritual renewal are equal and opposite realities? Are we living now in time in processes to be completed later in eternity? If so, this casts a fascinating light on the subject of aging—a special kind of aging that involves physical diminishing and spiritual developing,” Stuart says.

All we ever hear about is the downside of aging. What about aging gracefully by listening to what God says and embracing the aging process - both physically and spiritually? Again Stuart challenges us, “A healthy senior attitude should be, ‘I’m not what I was and I know I never will be again, but I’m not finished yet and I have lots to offer this needy world in which God in His wisdom has placed me and is keeping me here for a purpose which I desire to fulfill.”   

As you read through these articles on aging, we pray you are encouraged in this season of life and comforted in the knowledge that God is with you, helping you to live well and finish strong.

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