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Are You Ready to Joy in God?

Joy is produced by praise glancing heavenward, feeling its soul begin to smile. Joy is Jesus – God in Galilean cloth, walking our earth, bearing our cross, burying our sin with Him, and rising again to offer us life.


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Elizabeth Murphy - Walking Through God's Opened Doors

Elizabeth Murphy sums up the twists and turns of her life so far to be a grand adventure. Speaker, storyteller, author, pastor’s wife and JBU advisory board member are just a few of the titles that provide a glimpse into her daily living. Simply put, she loves to minister to women.

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Moving On After Moving In

If you have recently moved, or will be moving in the near future, I want to encourage you. From one who has traveled that road by relocating 14 times, I know the emotional journey ahead of you. I also know that moving will touch every aspect of your life.
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posted December 8, 2015
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