If you find yourself facing a change of some kind, face it with dignity, face it with honesty, and face it with growth in mind. Change and growth are essential to a healthy Christian life. more

Emotional Health

Envy is an equal opportunity foe. Learn how to battle envy when it strikes and transform envy with gratitude. Gratitude is the key to your victory over envy. more

Emotional Health

The truly grateful have learned to stop holding out their hands expecting compensation for their trials and instead embrace the One who holds and comforts them through their pain. more

Spiritual Health

We're constantly struggling with who the world says we should be and who God created us to be. Untangle worldly desires from the desires of God’s heart and we'll have it all…right in the center of God’s will. more


The society in which we live frequently imposes demands for perfection. Yet, can we truly expect perfection in an imperfect world populated by imperfect people? more

Emotional Health

It’s important to encourage people who are seeking a relationship with God to pray, because prayer also prepares the heart to receive the living Word of God. more


In the midst of my pain I understood God's goodness toward me. How? Through the fact that He prepared me by giving me the grace to submit to His will. more

Tough Times

God cares for the details of our lives and how He answers our cries for help. Even in a mess of your own making, learn to give God your stress and let Him handle it. more

Emotional Health

The next time you feel a nudge, a prompting, by the Holy Spirit, obey. You never know what God wants to do through you to touch someone’s life in an amazing, unimaginable way. more


How do we find peace in a chaotic world? What will give us inward calmness when, outwardly, circumstances spin out of control? more

Current Culture

What happens when healing doesn’t come, the pain doesn’t subside, the circumstances continue for years? Each day is a new day to respond faithfully to God because faith that moves forward triumphs. more

Tough Times

How do you love someone who has hurt you? Look at the way God demonstrates love to all; it's agape love - love given freely, without conditions, limits, or boundaries. more

Relationship Health

Handling discontentment requires that we lose ourselves and our possessions completely to the Lord. He calls us to sacrifice our wants for the needs of others and find our true worth in Him. more

Emotional Health

Is there anything we, as parents, can do to keep the enthusiasm toward faith and ministry alive in our children? more


An inter-generational Bible study is a reminder of the importance of incorporating women from all ages and stages of life into women's ministry programming. more

Women's Ministry

Your own experience with God’s Word is all the evidence you need of its clout. What transformed you is the same Word you use when you teach, counsel, or witness. more

Ministry Life

Every married couple experiences life phases. Here's how to negotiate those seasons and keep the magic in your marriage. more


Carol Barnier shares her journey from a Christian home to Atheism and back to the Christian faith. more


Why does it take us so long to learn the art of keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus? Behold Him! Learn to focus on Jesus instead of all the problems in you life. more


Is my teen depressed or just being a teenager? A parent's guide to teenage depression. more

Mental Health

About Just Between Us Magazine for Christian Women

Just Between Us (JBU) is a non-profit ministry and quarterly magazine focused on encouraging and equipping Christian women around the world for a life of faith. Just Between Us focuses on the key areas of Faith, Life, Relationships, Health and Ministry; providing information, advice and real life stories to inspire and help you on your journey to live for Jesus Christ.  Recognizing that all of us need someone to come alongside and encourage, guide and support us on life’s journey, we invite you to become a part of this special community of Christian women.

Over twenty-five years ago, God took international speaker and author Jill Briscoe’s dream for a tool for Christian women with a heart for Christ and ministry and made it a reality.  Publishing experts told Jill that Just Between Us magazine could never be sustained with a handful of part-time staff and volunteers - but she went forward with her vision and God was truly faithful.  Amazingly today JBU makes its way around the world and to every state in the U.S. to Christian women as that source of encouragement that Jill envisioned from the beginning. 

“There’s no doubt in any of our minds that every issue of the magazine is a miracle; that it is something that God does. He is the One who has directed this ministry from its very inception, and He is the One who has carried us through every issue with His fingerprints on the content and His Spirit bringing life, literally, from its pages.” 

As a magazine and a ministry, Just Between Us has sought to be a friend to women everywhere and to come along side those who desire to serve God; to share the same joys and struggles, ministering through biblically-based, relevant content expressed through the written word. 

To that end, JBU covers key topics on Christian life, relationships, marriage, family, life’s difficult times, and your relationship with Christ, as well as providing resources for doing ministry and everything in between. Regular content includes topics like dealing with difficult people, handling stress, battling depression and suicide, growing spiritually, dealing with pornography, and understanding current cultural issues. 

This connection for reaching women globally through the JBU website and the primarily reader written magazine is powerful.  We have found that the basic needs of women around the world are the same.  We recognize that living a life of faith is not always easy and because of this reality, we strive to come alongside and encourage, guide and support Christian women in their life of faith and service.  That’s also why we continue to have partnerships with ministries in Japan, Brazil, and many others. 

One of our readers said this about JBU:  ”I just received my newest JBU! This issue was written for me, I'm convinced of it. God meant for this magazine with these articles to be placed in my hands today. I needed to read those, to read that another woman has been there and understands, and to read that God is perfect in His timing with no errors in His plan. THANK YOU for JBU! I needed it, right here, and right now."  ~ M.N.

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about the Just Between Us ministry. Please join us as God continues to use our magazine, website, inspirational books, and new line of Christian greeting cards to resource and minister to women worldwide! We invite you to let us come into your lives as your trusted friend and to become a part of this very special community of Christian women today!

Sarah Young

Sarah Young

  • Sarah Young

    Jesus Always: 10 Tips for a Joy-Filled Life

    Jesus Calling was written to help people connect not only with Jesus, the living Word, but also with the Bible-the only infallible, inerrant Word of God. Sarah endeavors to keep her devotional writing consistent with that unchanging standard. more

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