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Heart Hunger

At Jesus’ feet! Come, eat and drink.

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Your Roots in His River

Think about the “sap” of Scripture. Does it fill your branches? What will you do about that if the answer is no? Will you purchase a good study Bible, sign up for a Bible course, buy some teaching tapes, or join a Bible study? Ask God to show you your tree as He sees it.


Women Like Us

Pam MacRae - Just Say Yes

Pam MacRae, Moody Bible Institute professor and JBU advisory board member, never planned on being a professor. In fact, she refused the offer several times before relenting. However, teaching one adjunct class eventually led to teaching full time and led to the development of a Ministry to Women program at Moody Bible Institute. "Just say yes to everything God has for you and you never know what will happen."


2015 JBU Conference

2015 JBU Conference

Give your soul a lift at the 2015 JBU Conference!

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An "Unequally Yoked" Marriage

With every new year, Lisa hopes, “Maybe this is the year my husband will become a Christian.” Meanwhile, she sits with her kids in church trying not to feel resentful as she watches other families—husband, wife and 2.3 children—filling the pews around her.
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