Devotions with Jill Briscoe

The Water of Life

Refresh me Lord, so that I can refresh everyone around me.

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A Strategy for Waiting - Keep the Faith

Are you in God’s waiting room? Are you waiting for a baby to be born? A prodigal to return? A spouse to reconcile? Are you waiting for someone to share your life with? For a job? For a cure? Wait on the Lord and not on the answer.


Women Like Us

Elizabeth Murphy - Walking Through God's Opened Doors

Elizabeth Murphy remembers teaching her first Bible study in middle school and realizing even then that she loved teaching God’s word. As speaker, story teller, author, pastor’s wife and JBU advisory board member, she knows this: God keeps taking her places she never intended to go- but loves and as she continues to walk through God’s open doors, she loves ministering to women more and more each day!


2015 JBU Conference

2015 JBU Conference

Give your soul a lift at the 2015 JBU Conference!

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Letting Go of Fear

If we’re honest with ourselves, we know we don’t like change. Change means we have to learn something new. It means the old familiar territory is gone, whether it’s a new job, new house, new neighborhood, new church, or new state. Change is intimidating!
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