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It is God's love for us that will set us on our feet and strengthen us.

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What on Earth is Eternity Doing in My Heart?

The devil uses the most normal things to try and distract us from the life-changing discovery of our yearning for the Eternal. Chapter three of Ecclesiastes describes the usual rhythm of life: the living and the dying, the planting and the harvesting, the healing and the dying, the fighting and the truce making, the weeping and laughing, and mourning and dancing. The devil tries to use the rituals and cycles of life to take our minds off of Eternity.


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Elizabeth Murphy - Walking Through God's Opened Doors

Elizabeth Murphy sums up the twists and turns of her life so far to be a grand adventure. Speaker, storyteller, author, pastor’s wife and JBU advisory board member are just a few of the titles that provide a glimpse into her daily living. Simply put, she loves to minister to women.

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Often times, we don’t have the opportunity to share the whole message of the hope that God offers us. But, like a fire, if we persevere enough to keep feeding the fire, the hope of Christ will shine brightly through us!
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