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How do you keep going when all your effort seems futile? You need time to get a fresh vision of God, more »


An e-prayer partnership grows a friendship despite busy schedules and geographical distance. Learn how it can bless your relationship with your friend – and with God. more »


Amidst the hustle and bustle of the day, there are moments in which God’s voice is still and clear. Paying attention to God’s voice along the way will ensure that we don’t miss His lessons. more »


Learn what it means to listen to God and how to hear His voice. more »


There are innate challenges in our roles as ministry wives in the area of friendships. Yet, keep your heart open for who God will bring into your life. more »

Pastors' Wives

Understanding God’s character is vital for Christian women to move beyond fear, for in His character lies our peace and security amidst life’s scary situations. more »

Emotional Health

One of the most common complaints voiced among women married to ministers is loneliness. Learn how one group of ministry wives are building friendships through a support group. more »

Pastors' Wives

What do you do when you are running on empty? A ministry workaholic discovers a secret that turns ministry stress and burnout into joy. more »

Ministry Life

People with chronic illnesses are sometimes people with invisible diseases and it can easily slip your mind that they are suffering in some way. Over time, they are simply forgotten. more »